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Give me a happily-ever-after fairy-tale and I'll fight you every step of the way, but give me a tragic, grief-ridden story and I'll let it consume me.

Bitterblue - Kristin Cashore, Ian Schoenherr WARNING: I just finished this book so this review is pieced and scattered. I couldn't formally put all my thoughts together, but this is how Bitterblue left me feeling...

I know there were a lot of mixed feelings about this book, but I personally loved it. Am I a little biased? Possibly. I fell in love with Graceling & Fire so I was bound to love Bitterblue as well. I guess I'm viewing this series as more of a whole rather than individually. So we'll go with that.

These books give me a feeling I can't quite explain. I love everything about them. If I could live in this world I would. If I could only read one series over and over for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

I really love how Kristin Cashore does her romance. Not too heavy, yet when it is heavy (ex: Katsa & Po in Bitterblue) it doesn't make me sick but rather it makes me want something of that nature.

I'm really sad to say goodbye to this world Cashore created, but I suppose that's the mark of a good ending - to leave you wanting more.