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Give me a happily-ever-after fairy-tale and I'll fight you every step of the way, but give me a tragic, grief-ridden story and I'll let it consume me.

Finnikin of the Rock  - Melina Marchetta I was sure this would be a 5 star review, but about 3/4 of the way through it just didn't make me feel like my other 5 starers. Maybe I was looking for another Graceling Realm, I'm not sure.

I can see how this is a favorite among people, but there were a few things that just didn't sit well with me:

- I didn't really like Evanjalin. She was a brat who always got her way, lied, and manipulated people.

- The Fairy Tale. Everyone seemed to ride off into the sunset, all cozy and warm, holding hands, and singing. While this is a plus for most people, I'm more partial to the way [a:Kristin Cashore|1373880|Kristin Cashore|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1273894652p2/1373880.jpg] & [a:Rae Carson|4074051|Rae Carson|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1284052029p2/4074051.jpg] did it.

- Confusion. Maybe this is me being ditz, but all the same. The writing confused me when it came to whose head we were in. I get that this is 3rd person, but I've never had to continuously go back and forth trying to figure out who we were on during this sentence or who was the one talking.

Things I liked:

- Finnikin, it was a pleasure to be in your head, sir.

- The writing. (I know I just said it was confusing, but this is different). Marchetta had a way with descriptions that made me see why she has so many adamant fans. It also made me want to read more of her work. I also liked the way she didn't shy away from touchy subjects (beatings, rape, sex, etc.), I believe it makes the story more realistic.

So for me, this was a 4 star book. I hear a lot of people like book #2 & 3 better so I'm hoping I will too. I really want to love love love this series.