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Give me a happily-ever-after fairy-tale and I'll fight you every step of the way, but give me a tragic, grief-ridden story and I'll let it consume me.

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick I'm demoting this book - last year I thought I was being unfair by rating it 3 stars but after re-reading I'm afraid it's far worse than that even! Silence got me to wondering - Should a series grow with it's readers? I get that it's classified as YA but we've been following this series for what? 4 years? Like Nora's memory, I feel we have regressed in these characters maturity as well.

Something happened between books 2 & 3. I'm usually pretty biased with a series and keep fairly consistent on the ratings, but this is the exception. I was in the minority loving Hush, Hush & Crescendo, and I find myself again in the minority (for people continuing the series) hating Silence and actually dreading Finale.

Patch was one of my favorite boy toys, now he's just as whiny, clingy, and annoying as Nora. And Nora...well she's just downright stupid. What's with all the jealousy? & the "I don't wanna talk about the guys trying to kill me, I wanna talk about our love." Call me crazy, but if I have a bounty on my head that's priority numero uno.

Enough ranting, now I shall soldier on to Finale...

Original Review: 2011

Okay, in all reality this book should only get 2 stars...but since I'm such a generous person and I happen to love the first 2 and I had a small crisis while reading this book therefore hindering my ability to judge it objectively I will go as far as "I liked it".

First of all the whole story line totally regressed so it was pretty much deja vu the whole first half of the book (which bugged the shit outta me!). Second, Nora got totally annoying! Don't get me wrong, she definitely pushed the boundaries in the other 2 but in the 3rd she straight up crossed over into Bella Swan territory. Third, the relationship, (dum..dum...dummm) made me want to yak, sooo over done, sooo not original, and waaaaaay too mushy for me. I'm going to go with a Twilight reference again and just say the way they talked to each other resembled Bella and Edward...and I kinda wanted to shoot myself.

Other than that "it was ok". This was definitely my least favorite, for me #2 was the best. I will be reading the 4th book for some closure and hopefully some compensation for what this book took from me.